Top Flooring Trend in 2021

Top Flooring Trends in 2021

People are spending more time at home and remodeling projects are on the rise.  Flooring is a great way to update your home and increase the value.  I have listed some of the top flooring trends for 2021.

Vinyl Flooring Trends

Vinyl plank flooring is one of the hottest trending flooring options, with many products containing scraped surface details to give it that authentic wood look floor. Technology has advanced greatly in making authentic looking stone and wood look vinyl flooring. With their unmatched durability, easy installation, you’ll continue to see them gain in popularity for the next few years.

The hottest types of vinyl floors to look for are SPC vinyl, WPC vinyl, luxury vinyl planks (LVP), luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), and luxury vinyl sheets. Look for waterproof vinyl, and textured, as well. They really take things to the next level as far as looks, durability, and features.

Tile Flooring Trends

Larger tiles continue to be popular. For the past several years 12×24 have been the favorite amongst homeowners, however, planks as long as 48 inches in length are becoming more and more popular.  Porcelain tile that replicates marble and limestone are chosen for their easy maintenance and lower cost . The wood look is still strong and continues to evolve in colors and textures. With ink jet technology the tiles give a very realistic wood or stone or concrete looks with the durability and maintenance benefits of porcelain tiles.

Vintage black and white tiles are making a strong comeback in 2020, and will continue in 2021. It’s not the same old black and white tiles as in historic homes. Instead, it’s bold, graphic, and more luxurious.  More and more homeowners want a unique twist to the vintage with modern flooring style. This includes smaller tiles with bolder graphic patterns for a more transitional décor.


Graphic Tiles: If you love unique and artful patterns on your tiles, graphic tiles are trending very strong. Using advanced technology, manufacturers are able to replicate an endless variety of images on tiles. You can get tiles with repeating patterns joined together to form one large pattern on your floor.  Graphic tiles are typically monochromatic colors but for the very brave, there are others that come in bold multicolored patterns and writings.

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

The biggest pro associated with prefinished hardwood flooring is after it is installed, you can enjoy your new flooring immediately. This is due to the fact that the sanding finishing process is already completely, therefore, you can skip that entire process, as well as the waiting time for it to cure.

Prefinished flooring also has the following benefits:

  • It’s a more convenient option for some renovation or improvement projects.
  • Pre-applied finish is very durable.
  • There are more uniformity and consistency with the coloring and staining in the boards.
  • Sometimes, manufacturers add an anti-scratch coating that makes the floor more resistant to minor scratches.

I hope this was helpful, Angie Bacher.